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Meal association initiates: Civilization consumes healthy meal
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Disappear of peaceful wave city protects appoint, town hotel association and city meal and cooking association combination issue a proposal to the society:

Disappear of city of peaceful recently wave is protected appoint, town hotel association and city meal and cooking association combine Ning Bo meal of festival of understanding of inn of a few older hotel, meal consumes a circumstance, a of the desktop when seeing people leaves after wine full meal is full a setting: Whole large yellow croaker moved a few chopsticks only, bacterium stay of proceedings stews old duck soup to had not been moved almost, half bottles bishop, beer returns remnant several bottles, a big face a knot in one's heart does not have a few less. Say according to clearing away mensal clerk: "This kind of phenomenon is very much end of the year, eat clean very few, those who bale is fewer. " these food from production, carry, treatment arrives move the desk is so wasteful drop, it is special really regrettablly.

The disappear that occupy town is protected appoint right 2006 10 restaurant, 100 consumer waste findings to show on 1000 desks table, the waste on table consumes on average for meal about 10% the left and right sides, in those days consumption of whole town meal is 91 100 million, waste should occupy 9 100 million. Hangzhou disappear was protected last year appoint also undertake investigating to meal consumption circumstance, the conclusion that reach and peaceful wave are similar, the waste on table occupies meal to waste 10% the left and right sides, total of Hangzhou meal spending was last year 11.9 billion, wasteful and adjacent 1.2 billion. The investigation of Hangzhou city still shows, wasteful on table while, still produced a large number of rubbish, smooth Hangzhou restaurant of class of many 200 star, should throw away everyday hogwash of many tons of 20 dining table, still have what is more,the rather that more other by tens of thousands size restaurant of the home. The waste that meal consumes is shocking really, the harm that causes to the society also is many sided, need people to cause height to take seriously. Protect for this city disappear appoint, town hotel association and city meal and cooking association combination issue a proposal to social all circles: Civilized consumption, healthy meal.

Proposal content is as follows:

One, the consumptive concept that establishs reason, civilized, green. Civilized repast, objecting waste is the traditional goodness of our country people, resource conservation, safeguarding an environment is the social responsibility of everybody, fine of successive and glorious traditional nurturance is known favorably, the consciousness that should make managing glory, waste everybody unworthily acts.

2, strengthen management, improve meal quality. Meal enterprise wants farther a fine replenish onr's stock, make, quality of sale, service 4 close, want to assure quality to supply food, energy industry spy, satisfy consumptive requirement. The food that does not accord with a standard to treatment and do not eat, do not affect the food that sells again to allow consumer to return money.
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