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Brand of 40 more than meal grabs building of station of boat of T3 of beach capi
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Yesterday, the brands of 100 Chinese style snack that get the better of meal group -- east lands building of station of boat of capital airport T3 formally in vain already, building of new boat station each meal inn is comprehensive and formal operation. New boat attracted brand of 40 many meal to build 64 storefront inside station building, all of numerous meal big shop sign is present loot channel business chance.

The building of T3 boat station that enables formally on Feburary 29, commercial area is 47 thousand square metre about, it is current 1, double of summation of building of 2 boat station, the commercial area of Beijing capital International Airport and amount of retailing shop face also will be in Asia-Pacific area airport be in lead position. The meal enterprise cloth store that the meal circle of building of new boat station attracted 40 many brands among them, constructed 64 dining room in all, the ground transportation center of building of station of distributinging Yu Hang, hall setting out, arrive at the hall, home to keep apart area, international to isolate 5 area such as the area.

Yesterday, the reporter sees in building of T3 boat station, the brand such as Buck and Hagendasi already garrisoned Mcdonald's, star operation. Among them, 100 getting the better of meal group is will subordinate Kendeji more, surely win guest and east are entered entirely in vain already halt. The Chinese meal dish of the tunnel such as the tea with milk wishing elder sister of harbor of the dry chicken meat that what offer for consumer in vain already eastward is Sichuan, another name for Guangdong Province is tasted. "The practice of dining-room of Beijing head home is the first pace that moves toward the whole nation in vain already eastward. " 100 get the better of group president Su Jingshi to express, through 3 years brew, the whole nation will march further after east lands a capital in vain already.

Additional, become reconciled feeds peaceful chili and the Xing Yangfang that develop limited company to make into the personalized brand such as dragon coffee and capital airport meal collect etc 5 have a brand oneself greatly all ascend body among them, contend for the huge cake that meal of building of new boat station encircles.

The reporter understands in inn of each brand meal, the eat point that each inn place offers, beverage with unified character and price are had with brand storefront inside city. Chief expresses related each brand, the channel advantage of building of T3 boat station is the contends for surely ground that meal enterprise strengthens brand dominant position, those who value is the purchasing power that home and international passenger bring not just, value the glamour that reveals a brand to the world more.

Capital airport meal develops Zhang Zhifang of limited company vise general manager to introduce, service of meal of building of T3 boat station is offerred by brand meal entirely, it may be said is " world kitchen " , include Chinese style among them prandial and snack, Western-style.
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