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Current, the development of Chinese economy is fixed eyes upon by common people, especially " Beijing Olympic Games " economy is attracting each businessman greatly. During 2008 Spring Festivals, come from Japanese Nagasaki county " Nagasaki fresh fish " receive the famous general merchandise that received Beijing to F -- supermarket of food of underground of Xin Guangtian ground, from free from contamination of Japanese coastal waters the area catchs in the future the table that the new aquatic product that come up served Beijing citizen that day in shipment. "Nagasaki fresh fish " this is airborne, extend Beijing eat gain with the ginseng before this origin of meeting it may be said is quite deep. This one brand is in exhibit appear to get on the meeting reputably, the controller of Chinese high-grade dining-room in succession silt talks. As we have learned, 2008 is Japanese Nagasaki county enters L1] country the 5th year when the market undertakes the market is popularized, greet an Olympic Games to popularize one of main component of the activity in Beijing as Nagasaki county, this second be on sale the support of your kind effort that still can get government of Japanese Nagasaki county.

2006, change Nagasaki the trading business volume of one county and China has occupied Japan to be opposite China 9% of trading business volume, and this one word is returned rise in year after year, its are opposite basically China commerce also Si the average machine from before, rolled steel exit that extended face of new aquatic product, element, arrack to wait for characteristic food. This year, japanese Nagasaki county also can strengthen pair of Hua Xuan to summon strength again, help more Nagasaki enterprises enter Chinese market, before Shanghai world rich was met 2010, push more Nagasaki special local product person China market, at the appointed time, believe to return the daily life that will more Nagasaki characteristic products can walk into Chinese citizen besides aquatic product. "Nagasaki fresh fish " attend before exhibiting can be China (Beijing) fair of food of international meal · (abbreviation: Chinese meal ' ) of food to follow, should exhibit can begin to hold from 2005, annual. The 4th exhibits meeting general in October 2008 18 ~ are held 20 days in Beijing exhibition, last a period of time 3 days. This exposition values the organization of the audience and promotion job very much, get industry of bureau of business affairs of Beijing government, Beijing, Beijing promotes bureau, Beijing head the main assistance of guild of meal of brigade group, Beijing, food and many abroad association. The organizing committee will pass association of trade of center of Beijing of network of guild, U.N. commerce, diplomatic mission, government sector, abroad to be stationed in media of Beijing orgnaization, news, network to wait for many road radial personage of major of world each district, whole nation each district (trafficker, agent, jobber, shopkeeper, food and raw material are produced; The technology reachs a salesperson; Big market and each supermarket purchase the member that industry of course of study of personnel, meal and restaurant, hotel purchases decision-maker; The government sector reachs association official; Personnel of place of scientific research courtyard) give out invite, main organization buys the home to attend a meeting look around, choose and buy, negotiate.
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