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Chongqing meal inn plans to go to Yungui to enrol a person with labour to solve
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Company of Chongqing city meal believes originally, person of the action after good year's bad situation can alleviate somewhat, but be not actually such. The reporter learns yesterday, because latter labor cost rises, meal business is wholesale barren of experience person with ability, this locality enrols a person to be forced to change position to go hard Yungui enrols a person.

Yungui of fight in some places one by one enrols a clerk

Monthly pay of this locality clerk increases deduct a percentage 700 yuan, the bag eats encase, monthly pay of the clerk at the beginning of this year opens 800 yuan still little person make inquires.

Introduce according to strange chaffy dish, this enterprise ever pulled net type to search in county of Chongqing week border area, come to ask from door to door in scene of interconnected system of change north region, invite applications for a job 3 talents enrol 8 people. The clerk goes to work did not have a few days to run again a few, remain 2 only at present. Because open store of 3 straight battalion even this year, need clerk many 200, average wage has the clerk that is informed Yunnan, Guizhou only 500-600 yuan, more average than Chongqing level is low 200 yuan, then preparation goes Yunnan, Guizhou attends a meeting large invite applications for a job.

Domestic blessing chaffy dish hears specific gravity has celebrated the clerk of Yunnan, Guizhou to search, already contacted the talent intermediary orgnaization there, help enrol a person for the enterprise. Jun Zhiwei, group grows educated youth chaffy dish to wait to also prepare to go person of the action there.

As we have learned, at present the our city has dining room many 30 thousand. Ceng Qinghua estimates vice-chairman of meal chamber of commerce, at least of clerk talent breach has on 10 thousand person-time.

Encourage employee love to marry

For can tarry person, some meal enterprises encourage in-house personnel love to marry.

5 bottles rice says, although a lot of enterprises are deprecatory,do " office amour " , but their company is encouraged however the friend plays between the colleague. President king arranges the sea to say, meal is labor concentrated model industry, if husband and wife does this group, can show sympathy each other, also have feeling of a home to return to more. Classics enterprise is encouraged and pull wires builds the bridge, at present 5 bottles rice already had a few pairs of husband and wife. When in be opposite, it is reported does husband and wife to marry, the enterprise held a royal wedding technically for new personality, lively and warm.

De Zhuang thinks, the family goes to work in an enterprise, they can have feeling of a home to return to to the enterprise. Grandfather, father, son 3 acting people have a few family in what this company goes to work, there also is a lot of in the enterprise " husband and wife both at work " , some is high-level management respectively.
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