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The area just outside a city gate is industrial and commercial develop a wine pu
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Last night 7 when, substation of the area just outside a city gate of Lanzhou city industrial and commercial bureau is pulled open to the special punish action of renown wine prelusive.

Execute the law personnel arms parts a way, to the name inside area under administration hotel of wine travel, dining-room undertook the spot is checked.

It is reported, in the examination yesterday, execute the law the dining-room that personnel checked a section of a highway such as the wine coin grade, road austral pleasant and farmer alley respectively and renown wine travel, investigate in all be suspected of sham the value of renown wine mark of the brand such as old cellar or pit for storing things of city of Na Chun of 5 grain fluid, Maotai, sword and century gold badge, Lu is in 20 thousand yuan or so.

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