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Hotel industry quickens extend to greet visitor
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Suhua freeway environment affects difference analysis to be passed conditionally, sightseeing tourism person cheer. Far male Yue comes to Hualien old hotel invests 5, one billion seven hundred and five million and thirty-two thousand seven hundred and four yuan, build the 2nd period plan picture of the world on restaurant and water, should cry originally stop, course of study person yesterday (3) day says: " do not cry stopped, " cannot stop not merely, undertake quickly even, strive for international tourist to come stage.

Shi Shenglang of director of association of Hualien county sightseeing expresses, hualien of conduce of Su Huagao be open to traffic attracts tourist, those who turn round depression is low confuse a trend.

Shi Shenglang points out, old hotel of 5 stars class has Hualien area about 10, restaurant has many 100 about, civilian constellation course of study person have 6 more, 700, add up to is made an appointment with 1, 000, but in recent years stagnant, jiashangyi rains Su Hua highway with respect to earthy stone cave in, housing rate glides badly, zhou Yi comes only to Zhou Wu 2 into, the holiday just has only most probably, had had 200 many civilian constellation is not boiled and close down.

He says, hualien area external exclusive traffic lifeblood is highway, but come 50 this years, stage highway of 9 lines Su Hua is highway of a death, because cave in dies,already had on 1000 people according to statistic. Hualien is given priority to with going sightseeing, need a safe way more.

Recreational farm expresses Hualien new Guang Zhaofeng, last year 7, in August summer vacation busy season, encounter a typhoon, su Hua highway is interrupted, passenger number slips, 95 years annual has 400 thousand person, 96 years only 30 much people, loss 5, 60 million yuan, " this two, come 3 years, outstanding achievement glides on average 15% to 20% " .

The Yuan Xiongyue with the hugest amount invests to come in Hualien area old hotel, do not decide all the time because of Su Huagao case originally, predict the 2nd period development plan picture should call halt, but be informed annulus to judge yesterday the proposal is conditional after passing, hong Xiande of president of far male marine park expresses, 2 period plan picture will not cry stop.

Yue comes old hotel points out, hualien sightseeing number fails about since this year 2 to 3 into, if Su Huagao is OK build, will can help Hualien sightseeing tourism grow, far come 2 period 5, one billion seven hundred and five million and thirty-two thousand seven hundred and four yuan investment plan picture, will undertake quickly, front internationalization develops, attract international guest.

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