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In hotel design " culture tolerance "
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Up to now, the indoor environment of many high-grade hotels remains our country not to allow those who resemble to the guest takes a picture at will or be photographed, there also is similar case in Hong Kong. Its reason is to guard against others borroweds more the design style that imitates him public house, also have the factor such as attend to commerce, safety, in the final analysis, it is the need that hotel industry competes.

Actually, design a person as professional hotel, I think the design of the hotel is to be afraid of least of all by person me-too. Because copyist is when the gain that repeats others,forgoed the pursuit that should individualize to oneself, and often meet lag a certain number of year, to oneself, wasted time to waste money again already. Additional, imitating also is inevitable, a few publication units include him hotel to be able to presswork issue emission hotel to publicize picture and graph book, also offerred a condition for study and copyist.

Since such, the hotel should expert to welcome a visitor just greatly take a picture or photograph picture, unless film person it is for commercial purpose. This is the problem of the culture tolerance of a hotel. Stem from professional need, I make an on-the-spot investigation to the public house with world famous each district via regular meeting, take a picture and photograph resembling is the mainest job, never had been prevented however. This year in July, the old hotel of benefit at present that I come to Paris designedly, lived to begin work of nervous reconnaissance, visit after, though know to have what trouble unlikelily, but in so famous in the luxurious big public house that has mysterious feeling quite again pat 4 hours above madly continuously, upstairs and downstair run to run, more or less is there also some of whisper in the heart. But, always see the hotel administrator that I am filming, or it is average employee very polite ground gives way for me, help pedestrian traffic of my block the way even, lest they held off my camera lens, it is smile, smile next... I as if hear them saying: "Pat! Take our restaurant to others to look! "Not long ago, the manager that has a Tianjin public house speaks of them in Bangkok a very high-grade SPA hotel makes an on-the-spot investigation, want to send a few materials more particularly, fear the hotel does not allow certainly again, explore then the ground asks a someone, the result is unexpected: The family agrees not only, and helping decorate lamplight to wait. The hotel that they think the guest loves him is the pride of the hotel, take a picture for the guest offer going to the lavatory is hotel service spirit to reflect. This my friend is this very deep feeling.

I think, the culture that has depth should have tolerance, jump over as jumping over elegant hotel not proud, very gentle instead, good-tempered, loosen, grant person with the comfortable " with exceeding " .

From this, the problem of " of " culture fixed position that I think of to regular meeting of the classics in hotel design is discussed again. Occasionally, this kind of fixed position is become by understanding the pursuit of specific to some kind style. For example Euramerican style, Japan style, stylish... etc, this is very presentative definition only. Actually to a hotel? " of Quot; culture fixed position is more important is setting of pair of some kind of culture and the lock of management philosophy are decided.
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