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Thinking of strategy of 6W torturous hotel
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Thinking of strategy of 6W torturous hotel

The strategy is enterprise whole, long-term, the floorboard of measure of fundamental management pattern, trade and emulative action. In fact, the strategic question of the enterprise had covered a company to manage with management, competition and innovation, live the whole category with development. If say the enterprise is a boat, so the strategy is helm. Without the strategy, the enterprise seems the boat that does not have helm, can drift with the tide only.

Help enterprise uses the strategy to be amounted to the most quickly with the most effective method cause a cause, the strategy can help entrepreneur explore means of livilihood below the situation with unidentified rugged. From long-term look, what the strategy is deciding an enterprise directly is flourishing perhaps perhaps die be on the wane, successfully. This is not exaggerate sth just to scare people. We have we should like to ask how many enterprise can base course of study is evergreen, live hundred years? Likewise regretful is, in the process that transfers to sufficient competition by not complete competition in the market, the restaurant of our great majority still reveals the lack that gives pair of strategies babyish perhaps.

In the time of strategic get the upper hand of, each having factitive hotel manager must firm establish strategic thinking ability, often examine his conscience: How the ability establish, strategy that make and implements a science. To help clear thinking of further a unit of weight, thinking of self-conscious aggrandizement strategy, the article tries from a new perspective, the framework that provides manager of a torturous hotel to concern company strategy issue -- " 6W " .

Look suddenly under, compare this without what it seems that more fundamental problem. Go down deep however, be afraid the business that can know oneself truly won't be too much. Simple " Who " , included main body, object and external environment at least the problem of 3 levels, need us to apply strategic eye shot to undertake examining: 1, me (we) who be? Ability of the resource that this needs to evaluate restaurant in the round, competition, in-house advantage, inferior position and those who be faced with is macroscopical with microcosmic situation. If incorrect this makes sufficient diagnosis and acumen have an insight into, be impossible build competitive dominant position; 2, the client that who is us? The judge and makes client market scanning of the industry analysis that this is based on pair of hotels and oneself resources capacity, fractionize and fixed position. All strategies make choose a site for the capital must be start in order to satisfy the client's requirement, it is a target in order to win the client's satisfaction, such loop move back and forth. 3, the competitor that who is us? Make entrepreneur more dedicated than intense competition without what at the strategy. What is the economic character with hotel principal industry? Competitive degree how? What does the drive element of the industry have? Who is market position the strongest / most the weak? What can the competitive action of competitor the next be? The crucial essential factor with successful competition? Profit foreground of future how? Those know the hotel manager that answers a challenge leisurely, always can examine minutely oneself ceaselessly afore-mentioned decisive issues, obtain in industry competition analysis thereby first machine.
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