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Bag service is in outside hotel industry
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Bag service is in outside hotel industry

As labor cost rise ceaselessly, each hotels already the important step the reduce expenditure in reducing the scale that use worker worker to serve as management, but the level of average servant scale with current job of our country hotel, still compare the 10%-20% of average level tower above on international. The cause that cause has a variety of, the bag serves a concept to was not used generally outside, lack the professional corporation of high quality, it is the main crucial reason of a variety of reasons.

One, outside the adoption that includes service idea

Bag service is the method that uses generally in international hotel industry outside. It is with engineering department exemple, the hotel of dimensions of 400 guest room, the employee of engineering department has 3 to go to 4 only commonly, this 3 basically do to 4 employee a few resemble changing the thing such as dredge of bulb, long lock, critical conduit, other work with daily attention, it is by outside professional corporation will finish. These program maintain, the daily attention maintenance of equipment of the daily attention maintenance that maintains elevator of tool bag draw together, daily attention maintenance of air conditioning, boiler, water treatment, system, galley equipment, clean equipment maintain maintenance. Large-scale transforms a project newlier, assume completely by professional corporation. The main content that project chief inspector makes is, invite public bidding, review bid, consultative contract, sign a contract, quality of the examination, project that face superintend and director. Engineering department is such, outside using, other department also has a lot of business include service method.

At present domestic hotel industry, the acceptance that includes service idea external still is in primary level, scope of application is very finite still.

2, popularity rate of new and high technology is insufficient

Same computer software, use in foreign hotel, have difficulty hardly, but use in domestic public house, groom on the time of expenditure is about to be gotten more much, resemble receiving silver-colored software Micros, in foreign hotel, all clerks can be operated, need not set the member that receive silver only so, but the hotel in home, want to make all clerk is operated adroitly, become very difficult. The computer room of foreign hotel has a person only commonly, but choose a personnel each in departmental door, administrator of IT of on the side, the issue of computer respect is concerned commonly inside the branch, solve by help of administrator of IT of this part-time job. General like this kind computer is operated, in foreign developed country, because the use popularity rate of computer is high, about the same everybody can be used. Be in our country at present level, use management software, still should do a technology to learn. Such, the amount of our professional is opposite much. The computer room of our country average public house administrator, the number is in 3 to 4 people.
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