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How does SamSung class restaurant answer the concussion of economy hotel
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How does SamSung class restaurant answer the concussion of economy hotel

In last few years, of home " the star of bright and beautiful river " , " if the home is quick " wait for a new force suddenly rises of hotel of new generation economy chain, become astral form hotel, cheap the new public house besides hotel manages mode. Economy hotel calls limited service hotel again, the biggest characteristic is house price petty gain, its serve mode to be (accommodation breakfast) .

According to Hangzhou town stay away from home appoint statistic, the domestic tourist of Hangzhou already exceeded 30.16 million person-time 2004, number of the tourist outside the condition amounts to one million two hundred and thirty-four thousand one hundred person-time. The personage inside course of study is analysed, in consuming pyramid, the majority in these tourists lies of the tower in bottom, the target that belongs to economy hotel is consumed group. This makes Hangzhou becomes a lot of domestic and international economy hotel to interlink a brand urgent desire the market of race to control. Current, hangzhou already had many 10 economy public house.

Economy hotel does not have the establishment of form a complete set such as establishment of capacious old hall, swimming-pool, recreation and large meal, major gain comes from guest room. And the gain gain of economy hotel does not need to stick establishment of these form a complete set to be able to bring honest redound to investor. In addition, the network also gives chain soundly model economy hotel is brought very big one part guest, especially the economy of famous brand of international brand or country hotel, according to " fast 8 " administrative authorities says, the passenger source of 25% comes from this inn book a network. Be like what enter Hangzhou the earliest additionally " if the home is quick " hotel, this year Feburary enter rate also have 90% above, good when be 100% , average room rate is in annual 95% above. The management fixed position of economy hotel is, go out in contented client below the main demand premise of business affairs or travel, reduce investment and operation cost as far as possible, roll out a product finally with inferior value, gain the market.

Hangzhou town stay away from home appoint industry government is in Ms. Jin Difei to think, high speed of brand economy hotel is entered after be stationed in Hangzhou, cheap public house will is faced with in live problem, among them stricken the biggest should be SamSung class guesthouse, because what we face consumption group it is guest of tourist of employee of the family that go vacationing, government, self-help, business affairs and conference guest, should compare economy hotel tower above relative to the operation cost of these hotels a lot of, do not have any advantages naturally on the price but character, passenger source general is divided up very quickly by economy hotel place.

SamSung class restaurant faces the concussion of brand economy hotel, how to respond to, consolidate oneself position, the author thinks should around management, sale this 2 respects make good text.
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