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Pay close attention to group of state-owned travel trade to develop strategy of
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Pay close attention to group of state-owned travel trade to develop strategy of operation of collectivize of easy try to find out

"The road is boundless its are long, I will fluctuate and search " , this Guci described the development current situation of group of state-owned travel trade clearly, its develop a task to learn the exploration that go up to be full of hope and twist in management. Collectivize of state-owned travel industry expands share of province of Zhejiang of article shallow analyse process, aim cast a brick to attract jade-offer a few commonplace remarks by way of introduction so that others may come up with valuable opinions hopes to discuss strategy of operation of collectivize of state-owned travel industry through communication.

One, break through brambles and thorns-hack one's way through difficulties, do all one can rises abruptly, the front is state-owned the trouble that travel trade group grows

The thing has " ins and outs " , " weight " , " emergency " , how group of state-owned travel trade casts off the predicament on management is urgent affairs!

The aureola of strange beauty of Phoebus of former time of state-owned industry restaurant changes because of the profundity of market economy begin come out, restaurant builds original investment burden of big, depreciation is heavy, problem of sex of management distribution structure is outstanding, integrated operation cost fixed position of tall, investment is ambiguous, administrative team specializations rate is low, and sale serviceability is indigent wait for a problem to make each restaurant is below the adjusting control of the hand with invisible market " show one's true colours " .

Nowadays, the dimensions of group of state-owned travel trade, competition ability needs the market more breed, the level sex of simple basis owner develops demand to realize dilate, depend on purely " instruction sex annex " medley dimensions already cannot form group of real contemporary travel trade, after annex recombines have powerful vitality very hard also. Mix like group of bright and beautiful river inside course of study new inferior group " allied " , establish group of international of bright and beautiful river, this action shows endowment travel industry reforms Shanghai country just about the pattern that sought oneself, pass conformity of the resource inside the industry namely, implementation enterprise scale is the largest change, enhance company core competition ability then. Companion changes as state-owned company make, rate of socialization of group of state-owned travel trade rises also is goal of strategy of travel estate development reflect in what transfer below historical condition. Group of state-owned travel trade develops the trouble that need front grows in order, need " with when all is entered " , need notional innovation more.

In last few years foreign hotel group drives straight in in China, and more of group of trade of right now state-owned travel is to be in those who have in-house resource to optimize with conformity, afore-mentioned circumstances are afraid is group of state-owned travel trade is in span the silent germ in type development, only to group of state-owned travel trade reform just has an outlet, let the market erode historical dirt, because " market thrust " the main factor that will still be influence business development, group of state-owned travel trade needs to analyse germ seriously, brew the development of deep administrative levels.
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