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The new student force that the hotel competes- - culture sale
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Culture sale is the market sale activity that the enterprise uses culture force to achieve company strategy goal. The article is mixed from the idea that introduces culture sale connotation proceed with, the main effect in introducing culture sale to compete in the hotel, and the advantage of strategy of sale of hotel executive culture, those who offerred hotel culture sale is specific the tendency that develops train of thought and development.

Culture sale, it is a brand-new noun, the sale on it and traditional sense is distinguished somewhat. It often is to be in the process of sale, build the activity with a lively topic hard, this kind of activity is not a pure some commodity promotes consumer, reach tacit agreement for effort and consumer however, go affect and guiding the behaviour of consumer from the heart.

One, the concept of culture sale and connotation

Culture sale is to point to the market sale activity that uses culture force adequately to achieve company strategy goal essentially. Forecast in market survey, environment, choice of development of fixed position of choice target market, market, product, price, channel, sales promotion, in offerring a service to wait for sale activity flow, all answer to undertake culture actively permeate, raise culture content, make agency and client and social community compose establish brand-new interest community relationship with culture.

Culture sale meaning has 4: It is enterprise have the aid of at or suit to develop sale activity at the environmental culture of different characteristic; It is an enterprise secondly when formulating market sale strategy, must apply culture element integratedly to implement culture sale strategy; It is thirdly: Culture element must permeate market sale in combination, make a market sale that has culture distinguishing feature combine; Its 4 for: The enterprise should make full use of sale strategy builds company culture in the round.

2, culture sale competes in the hotel medium main effect

Sale, the square field surface that in infiltration we live, nowhere is not in sale, when notting have, do not have. However, the sort of is full of move peddle sound, diffusing the strong pattern of low businessman breath is promoted already more and more undesirable. The hotel has some strategic advantages, be like economy of rich, dimensions, capital and technical advantage, as a result of the difference between is narrowing and become a dominant position no longer each other or be the dominant position with long constant no longer; The sale such as hotel product, price, channel and sales promotion operates the competition on the level, as a result of information expedite change, the market runs a standard build with perfect, make mutual a rate that imitate and draws lessons from is rapidder and rapidder, want to build long competitive dominant position with this more and more impossible. Accordingly, the competition of 21 centuries, the competition that is culture, let sale drape the cassock of culture, gift of culture savour with the soul, executive culture sale, will be henceforth the main conception dot of sale personnel.
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