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Guesthouse of spring of dragon of channel of Beijing door head adjusts sales pro
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2, 3, April is conference group is off-season, to increase the sale of off-season group, attract more groups to rent in off-season promotion guest room rate, seize business chance adequately, raise hotel whole to manage. Branch of guesthouse of spring of dragon of Beijing travel joint-stock company is aimed at guesthouse current situation, newest sale strategy formulated on guest room sale: 1, adjust on the weekend house price, set is weekly 4, 5 for the group on the weekend valence, 6, come 3 for ferial price; 2, group house price, in 2, executed March " full 10 send 2 " namely the corresponding period books a room 10 send two, executed April " full 10 send " , namely the corresponding period books a room 10 send.

Move to pull off-season the sale during, be in 2, 3, Long Quan guesthouse will be executed to tourism group April " send two-men tourist attraction entrance ticket " activity (the tourist attraction is) of hill of temple of stage of Tan Zhesi, give up, clever peak; And with " festival Olympic Games year kind of tree Lai Longquan " engineer for subject matter carry out kind of tree activity.

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