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Open Yuan Zhijiang to go vacationing village: Four-wheel drive controls professi
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Open Yuan Zhijiang to go vacationing village: Four-wheel drive controls professional conference

Four-wheel drive, it is to show car around is four-wheel have power, can differ by condition of travel road surface and distributing engine output torque to go up in around wheel, in order to increase the travel capacity of the car. Four-wheel drive model made up for average car to be in dynamical respect such and such blemish, rose to control ability.

The hotel is managed also have the place that be interlinked like that very much with the car, every hotel has the characteristic that he manages, have the passenger source that accords with oneself to manage a characteristic group, also existing such and such blemish, 2004, to going vacationing the sale of the village works for, it is good luck and challenge a year when coexist. On one hand, as bank the river is new and high industrial garden area is domestic and international of well-known company a large number of garrisoning, bank atmosphere of river division business increasingly dense, the management that is a hotel and development brought turning point; On the other hand, 7, the country is macroscopical August after adjusting control, guest consumption is increasingly sensible, affected travel and hotel industry; Go vacationing the stale of village facilities facilities, competitor increasingly grow in quantity, greater resistance also is for the customer that seeks other newly to begging. Face a variety of adverse factors, open Yuan Zhijiang to go vacationing rise and fall of village attention market, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, in conformity beautiful environmental advantage, carry on high grade conference to serve a brand, through professional market these unique advantages were extended on the foundation have together go vacationing of village characteristic specialization the market, through " dress conference, home appliance conference, travel agent, health goes vacationing " of these 4 markets " four-wheel drive " , formed have fasten the bright feature at product of other public house, enriched truly " the conference is recreational " , " health goes vacationing " the connotation of two pieces of management calling card, enhanced competition ability apparently.

One, the brand market that maintained travel agent.

The hotel uses strong resource, develop travel actively to go vacationing the market, do make market of big travel agent greatly. Begin to make careful plan from the beginning of the year, development above sea is axes, enlarge extends the travel market of long triangle area, apply " come in please, go " means, nonsked undertake contacting with travel agent. In addition, the hotel still has done the redound work to travel agent market, to Shanghai annual of unit of agreement of each travel agent consumes a circumstance to have statistic, to booking a room number amounts to a certain quantity of travel agent to have letter and pay a return visit of call at sb's house, with consolidating effectively hotel Shanghai market, gained the business relation that stabilizes with travel agent.
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