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A few windows of prospective hotel
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A few windows of prospective hotel

Snatch a little leisure from a busy life, the ground read like make use of every bit of time or space at the moment this book -- " face Tuofule: The prospective new world in futurology home eye " . The author is the entrepreneur that comes from Taiwan, writer Mr Wen Shiren, in the book, he is passed " with Tuofule (" the 3rd tide " author, futurology home) interview " , " the life of 21 centuries and science and technology develop " reach " tomorrow world " a variety of conception that waited for 3 parts content to elaborate pair of future worlds, among them, be in " tomorrow world " in this part content, mr Wen will " time " the analogy is in contemporary society and tomorrow world into lie across the large wall between, became a few windows on the wall to a variety of views of future, push a window, can develop future more clearly before us. The caption of these windows is: Net of couplet of everythings on earth -- the development of person resource, development of human resource, science and technology supersedes function, the birth of new economy, leave land, future 3 treasure, the city that always stops endlessly, new regnant power, more human world, long-lived 100 years old, times of new viewpoint of value.

Close book, the Jing Sai that close eye.

I think, the window of Mr Wen whether with will install between contemporary hotel and prospective hotel, will peep future? Let us make one attempt.

Net of couplet of everythings on earth -- the develops pair of future hotels effect of the development of person resource, human resource

Be in not far in the future, whole world not only the person can be contacted each other through the network, all sorts of machines also can pass information automatically through the network, make people OK at any time the movement of monitoring machine, then, all sorts of material configuration on the world can use a network to be contacted, this is " net of couplet of everythings on earth " .

When prospective hotel is developing manpower resource, can get extremely giant and original message to be used at the hotel to groom from net of couplet of everythings on earth, and the effect that does not suffer the limitative element such as time, place, teaching material; Cost is low also, ask a teacher to want many money, besides network fee, the download on the net is OK a single cent or penny does not pay.

On the other hand, the hotel also can use a network to collect all sorts of different administration view, and the limitation that does not get district, number. For example, the hotel encountered a guest of very different common complain, a few administrator discussion often are previously solve, after, can appeal completely to the whole world on the net, the person that can mix a lot of having never met before compares notes, the resource that development of this kind of human relation comes out will be extremely rich, the hotel is equal to much a lot of adviser that need not pay salary.
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