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The new student force that the hotel competes- - culture sale (1)
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3, culture sale competes in the hotel medium advantage
1, quiet and tastefully laid out environment is the good condition that has culture sale
A when the hotel has culture sale good condition has environment of quiet and tastefully laid out ministry of inside and outside namely, this developed culture sale to offer good carrier to the hotel, increased the client's retention period at the same time. The culture environment with particular hotel gives the guest that comes from each district distinctive charm, increased guest live inn appeal. Of Hainan 3 inferior cactus hotel is with its environment of distinctive ministry of inside and outside is built celebrated. The design of the hotel gives priority to a line with Mexican Ma elegant culture, the building of castle type, contrast of the scale of design of the geometry inside old hall, color piece is applied brightly, swim the mural on wall of the pyramid in the pool, dining-room reflected Mayawen to change this one mankind etc the divine secret history of aboriginal civilization. For renown accord with actually, hotel after the specially inside the garden opens a region of a core, transplanted palm of horn of whip of ball of various cacti, celestial being, celestial being, celestial being, kylin

, keel, make its are become let a client stop savoured cacti views and admire garden. The hotel is mixed with its distinctive color the bring out the best in each other of natural zoology environment with culture atmosphere and located hotel, the culture connotation that spread a public house effectively to the guest and management theme, the buccal conduct propaganda that borrows a guest and established a public house " amorous feelings goes vacationing Eden " figure and characteristic.
2, the culture sale part in hotel detail all shows glamour
Culture sale does not need very large investment certainly, the clever design of a few fine point all also can show the ingenuity of hotel person. Of foreign popularity " menu literature " it is a superexcellent example, pass the publicized a hotel management concept with better menu and characteristic. The extraordinary of the hotel is shown in petty place. American Iowa breaths out the Michelle wineshop of orchid city, write on the menu that welcomes client presence: "We are glad, because we can be you to cook whole town's best cate; We are thanked, because you are granted with our opportunity, let us reveal our service and hospitality; We are honoured, because you choose us,will satisfy your good appetite. Thank you to trust ours, we will go all lengths forever, the friendship that does not lose you and patronize. " a cafeteria is opposite France on the menu in them beefsteak made such compensatory characterization: "Span like spatio-temporal artwork, beefsteak is being gone after perfect and outstanding. However, this kind perfect only well-trained European name hutch, with tens of year indefatigable successful exploration adds quality to cry absolutely beef, ability is able to believe hand creation! Result how? Our chef with one's own hands the beefsteak classic of cooking, among them delicate, after wrapping you to sample hard dismiss from one's mind, till you again presence. Till you again presence..
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