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Guesthouse of Xinjiang new be in harmony (Urumqi) ★ of   ★ ★
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Guesthouse of Xinjiang new be in harmony (Urumqi) it is the business affairs of class of a SamSung that invests by people bank build hotel of travel concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals, did business formally on January 6, 2000, and SamSung is received in glory when inn celebrates a year.
Guesthouse of Xinjiang new be in harmony (Urumqi) have guest room 140, the area between standard two-men is 25 square metre about, be located in Urumqi mart region, communication is easy, equipment is advanced, is style quiet?
Guesthouse of Xinjiang new be in harmony (Urumqi) own the ooze Chun Yuan, restaurant such as Sailimu, santiago old hall, provide elegant and delicate Chinese style and food of Moslem gust characteristic to the guest. The hotel still has night club of beautiful surname Ya, business affairs center, hairdressing beautifies hair wait for consumptive recreation establishment. The edifice has a variety of kinds and the assembly room with all ready function.

Hotel address: Road of people of Xinjiang Urumqi city 20
Hotel traffic:
Be apart from downtown (kilometer) : 0.5
Be apart from a railway station (kilometer) : 5
Be apart from an airport (kilometer) : 20

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