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Curling Lucky visitors Finnish population approaching passenger luxury hotel
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Expo at a distance of five days until the end of the time, the "curling," said the Finnish Museum (Museum of Finnish online) the number of visitors also broke its record of taking part in the Expo, 530 million the total number of visitors has been close to the Finnish National The total number. Yesterday, the Finnish Pavilion for the exhibition of 530 million visitors to send a free stay at luxury hotel Shanghai lucky gift. In the Expo, the Finnish Museum of the "gimmicks" can be considered a lot, in front of "Santa Claus" to send blessings, after the "balloon girl" in the water to go. Yesterday again a handsome magician performing at the entrance from the poker magic to From Xinjiang Urumqi Zhengshu Jiang will be fascinated. 3 obviously is a box, how in the magician's hands over the pages, it becomes a plum 3 out? While Zheng Shujiang puzzling when, it seems that the magician could see his mind, will join his side go Magic shows. But this is not a poker magic, but rather more interesting balloon modeling. I saw a magician quickly blew three long strips of the balloon, after a dazzling burst of distorted interludes, the three original Separation of the balloon actually put together into a balloon flowers, sent to Mr Cheng's hands. Mr Cheng was a magician performing just amused laughter when the greater surprise followed. Museum of the Governor General of Finland on behalf of Hu Yi smiled and told Mr. Cheng, he was fortunate to be in Finland since the opening of the Expo Pavilion 530 Million visitors. It is understood that the total number of 5,356,907 residents of Finland who, for the number of visitors is concerned, almost every Finns have visited the Finnish Pavilion, the figure also broke Finland's participation in the Expo to visit since the people The number of records. As a lucky tourist, Mr Cheng has been a five-star hotel in Shanghai free night's gift. The award-winning Cheng and delight, "This is my first time to the Expo, may not have the opportunity to go in after the World Expo , But this will be my honor to never forget. "The chief representative in Finland accompanied by hall, Mr Cheng and friends to visit Finland, to see the exhibition hall in the rich high-tech exhibits, when Mr Cheng said, had only known Finnish Nokia, a sauna culture and winter sports, but now I know in Finland there are so many innovative inventions, if given the opportunity to Finland would like to see in person. Museum of the Governor General of Finland on behalf of Hu Yi, said in an interview, visit the Expo has already exceeded the total number of 7,000 million, which is a remarkable figure, proves the success of the Shanghai World Expo.