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Foreign purchases of our province hotel supplies Bacheng
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Tens of billions of "cake" to be gearing up to share a number of enterprises of Anhui Build a five-star hotel, supplies purchases nearly 1 billion; an economy hotel supplies purchases are thousands of yuan. Yesterday, reporters from the opening of "The Second China (Hefei) International Hotel Supplies Exhibition" was informed that Currently more than the hotel supplies in our province Bacheng procurement in the province, the province of hotel supplies industry billions of dollars around the cake. Wan said the number of enterprises, hotel supplies cakes to share in the province. Yesterday morning, the second session of China (Hefei) International hotel supplies exhibition opened in the Anhui International Exhibition Center, attracting Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Shanghai and more than 20 provinces and cities to participate in more than 360 vendors, displaying hotels Supplies to thousands of species. Reporters saw at the show, displaying a wide range of hotel supplies, there is room supplies, intelligent systems, cleaning washing equipment, sports equipment, kitchen equipment, hotel linen and so on. Hotel equipment company in a booth, an array of goblets, Sheng on the mellow wine; and exquisite tableware in the West, but also filled with delicious fruit salad. In a hotel clothing exhibition, exhibitors playing "Beautiful girls", the door three beautiful models wearing evening dress, graceful, has attracted the attention of many visitors. "Our ice machine is the first exhibition hotel supplies exhibition." Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd. Hefei million odd sales manager ZHU Chun told reporters, Wan Qi ice machine has been exported more than 30 countries and regions. "We only opened this year Start to do domestic sales, the current number of high-star hotel in the province have been using our products. " "We now provincial hotel supplies industry is huge, but 80% of the purchase hotel supplies are in the province." Province Chamber of Commerce, Deputy Secretary General Ma Gang kitchen told reporters, mainly because there is also a lack of professional hotel Anhui Supplies procurement market, leading to the high cost of purchasing the hotel in the province. Ma Gang said that the current hotel procurement of equipment and supplies in our province, mainly to Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shanghai and other places. The one hand, where the hotel supplies industry developed, on the other hand, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other places of professional wine Goods market can provide one-stop shop service, can purchase in one market to the hotel all the necessary supplies and equipment. "In fact, in the province, there are many famous hotel supplies manufacturers." Horse has just said that in the hotel supplies products, stainless steel kitchen stove, Hefei, Xuancheng of refrigeration equipment, Tongcheng feather products, in the whole States are well known. "There have been several hotels in Hefei supplies specialized markets, such as Blue Sky International Hotel Articles City, at present, some of our products have been transferred procurement in the province." Provincial capital, a four-star hotel Mr. Chang told the head of procurement Journalists, in the province purchase kitchen utensils, stove and other supplies, can reduce costs. According to statistics, more than 30 million total of the hotel, catering more than 450 million, of which more than 15,000 travel-star hotels, the rooms more than 160 million, the annual hotel supplies and equipment purchases of about 4,000 to 5,000 yuan. Industry sources, the province hotel supplies market "cake" a hundred billion. Chen Yaping discipline head of the Provincial Tourism Bureau, said in September this year, the province has reached 465 star-rated hotels to Hefei, the star has been listed, the number has reached four-star hotel of 17, budget hotels is Up Hundreds. According to Ma just said, a new five-star hotel, only the kitchen equipment, supplies investment of about a million yuan, if coupled with lobby, guest rooms, hotel equipment and supplies, the total investment will exceed 100 million yuan, and a Hotels are also tens of millions of investment. "Currently, we are developing energy saving hotel supplies, hotel supplies market to seize the province." Hotel supplies manufacturers charge more than the province told reporters who, through the development of low-carbon products, hoping to grab the hotel supplies Market "cake" a greater share.