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Studying in Switzerland: Hospitality Management is preferred
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Switzerland, a real fairy tale kingdom, carrying a lot of the Eurostar, the bustling city and the natural scenery with the. Picturesque, fresh and natural. The total area of 41,285 square kilometers. Mountainous, with a total population: 724 million Landlocked country in Central Europe. North Germany, Italy, south west France, the East and the Austrian border. Country is divided into 26 continents, the capital Bern, the official language of virtuous, France, Italy and other major languages, English is also widely used. Switzerland Although it is a disability within the small landlocked, but internationally famous. Economic development, social prosperity, is the world's financial powers, to absorb 35% of world assets. Hotel and tourism in the world have enjoyed a high reputation. National Security Stability, low crime rate, the higher the quality. Swiss francs in circulation. China would like to read a lot of hotel management graduate students want the opportunity to obtain work experience, the Swiss Hotel Management School Link (SHML) can not only provide students with internship opportunities in the learning process and learning Students also can go to school after graduating from their hotel to go to work and even schools in other countries of cooperation GHM, Swiss Belhotel, South Pacific Management, Orient Express Hotels, Trains & Cruises and other international 5 * hotel work SHML in German-speaking Switzerland, near the capital, Bernier, beside the ski tourism. Students are in school and living in their own hotel very convenient. School characteristics: 1. The school itself and the hotel together, students can conduct internal training. School facilities, including gym, coffee shop, bar and outdoor swimming pools, and each student is equipped with laptop computers and wireless networks Network. 2. Small classes (reflected about 15-25 people) ,2-6 groups of professors can clearly understand the specific circumstances of each student and adjust teaching for the needs of students. 3. Each year is divided into two semesters, the first semester of classes in school learning, second semester paid internship for the school. Through theoretical courses and practical courses with. Enable students to become the senior management personnel. 4. Classes taught mainly in English, and students in German, French or Italian language skills. Internship 4,5-star international hotel chain to provide opportunities for students to experience the culture of global integration. 5. Each semester the school will invite five-star hotels in different countries, human resources manager to the school presentations, and to do one on one interviews with students, providing global and internship employment opportunities. 6. All courses are five-star hotel by the president of the design world, students can be directly qualified for the work after graduation. 7. In the end the British Hospitality Management students top 8 universities (University of Gloucestershire) degree or master's degree. Entry requirements: 1. High school graduation certificate or equivalent 2. Undergraduate IELTS 5 points, 5.5 IELTS 4 graduate students can participate in English courses for 2 months. Tuition: Undergraduate: 3 years in Switzerland, about 29,500 Swiss francs per year tuition fee (about 20 million RMB), including: tuition, books, meals, accommodation, accident insurance. Year of study in the UK (bachelor degree): 13, 711 pounds (about 14 million RMB) Graduate students: Foundation for one year (3terms) on the first semester of 18 weeks paid internship + +5 third semester of 10 weeks. Cost: 34,000 Swiss francs (about 23 million RMB). Includes: tuition, books, meals and hotel standards Room accommodation, personal health care, accident insurance. Fully paid internship: Internship in Switzerland: CHF 2340 a month minimum salary, and 16,000 RMB.