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Holiday Inn Central Plaza Beijing Receives Environmental Award
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Holiday Inn Central Plaza Beijing is a managed by the Intercontinental Group Class 5A Green Hotel. In the implementation of environmental protection, conservation, health and safety purposes, to adhere to conserve resources, protect the environment for the idea of saving energy and promoting a harmonious environment for the operation and management action, Holiday Inn Central Plaza Beijing in the run process, the active support and participation and support. On October 19, 2010 obtained by the Australian EarthCheck body issued silver certificates in 2011. EarthCheck green is a recognized institution in Australia. Institutions need to be certified to provide the corresponding energy data, according to company data provided each year, EarthCheck will make the appropriate analysis to determine whether the unit was awarded the prize to be examined. 2009-2010, Holiday Inn Central Plaza Beijing has successfully EarthCheck bronze awards. This year, the excellent energy control in the hotel, through the appropriate analysis of the data, the hotel completed a remarkable silver review, and obtain the certificate. Holiday Inn Central Plaza Beijing based on the protection of the environment, energy conservation, without affecting the operation of the business case efforts to minimize energy consumption. As of October 2010, overall energy consumption compared to last year decreased 7.51%, this impressive record, is the enterprise financial return on the intangible world. So, in terms of energy saving, they all do what effort? Water conservation, the hotel step up publicity. First of all, in the kitchen, bathroom, toilet, public relations and other spots regional energy-saving posters, so that every guest and staff to develop water-saving habits. Secondly, the water quality of the trash into the water system, the full complement of water sources, increasing the utilization of secondary wastewater; again, the hotel rooms were out of water effluent monitoring point, resorted to the use of advanced technology of water control in the smallest and within the most appropriate, both to meet the needs of the guests, but also save water energy. Saving, the Engineering Department's instructors are all light sources will change the hotel into energy-saving lamps at night when less electricity, layer by layer the part off the elevator before the room lights. In saving natural gas, the energy region without the use of natural gas during its fully closed or transferred to the lowest energy state in each region with the energy meter installed, so that a separate assessment, a substantial growth due to be found. In their daily work, Holiday Inn Central Plaza timely training in energy efficiency, energy conservation awareness to penetrate into the minds of every employee in the employee's active participation and strong cooperation has achieved outstanding results. The hotel also set up a green team green meeting will be held monthly energy consumption of regular, timely discussion of problems and proposed solutions, implemented one by one. Environmental protection is everyone's responsibility. Holiday Inn Central Plaza Beijing is more than respond to slogans, but also set a good example, starting from their own, make a positive contribution to environmental protection. Here, we congratulate the Holiday Inn Central Plaza Beijing has been the success, and to advocate for more companies and individuals to environmental protection activities to promote the further development of China's environmental protection cause.