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Bring their own toiletries the hotel the best
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By the State Administration of Quality Supervision, the National Standardization Management Committee for approval, the national standard "division of star hotels and Assessment" will be January 1, 2011 implementation of the home country of 1.4 million hotel star hotel star ratings will also be carried out with review work. Supervision and management of the National Tourism Administration Secretary Li Renzhi a news conference yesterday, said the main features of the standard 2010 version stars emphasizes essential items to assess the inspection. Stressed that the core product, the product positioning for the hotel room the core product, highlighting the room comfort requirements. Emphasizes environmental protection, one to five-star hotels are required to develop the appropriate solutions and to implement energy-saving and emission reduction, the removal of toothpaste, toothbrushes, slippers, bath gel, shampoo and other amenities of the rigid requirements. The new standard will for the hotel room positioning core products, highlighting the requirements of comfort rooms, an increase of room cotton products, pillows, mattresses, temperature and humidity, shading, insulation, hot water tap and other aspects of the specific quality requirements, such as a hot water faucet time more specific, usually cotton plain weave linen fabric, cotton satin fabric, cotton satin fabric, T / C fabric, pillow should be soft and comfortable, flexible, no smell, texture with three or more, such as Down , hollow cotton, buckwheat and so on. The new standards emphasize environmental protection, a five-star hotels are required to formulate appropriate energy conservation programs and to implement the abolition of the toothpaste, toothbrushes, slippers, bath gel, shampoo and other amenities of the rigid requirements. Hotel "six small pieces of" Star hotel was once one of the criteria evaluation, the abolition of the "six small pieces" is not a mandatory requirement, but the configuration according to their free hotel toiletries, no longer the "six small pieces" as a appraisal standards. China National Tourism Administration official said, a number of hotels in Zhejiang has been canceled to provide consumers with "six small pieces," but rather to integration, dining discounts and other forms of feedback to consumers. Hotel is equipped with the "six small pieces of" widespread attention after reporters learned that the abolition of free toiletries is an international common practice, but nothing came of this initiative, every time. The new standard is not the "six small pieces of" across the board, so the industry is concerned that this requirement may also not be the final implementation. In addition, the new emphasis on emergency management standards, requiring one to five-star hotels are required to formulate fire emergencies such as Category 6 contingency plans for disposal of high-star hotels require regular exercise.