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Reach the designated position " " is accomplished truly
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Reach the designated position " " is accomplished truly

Constant whether " reachs the designated position " , as the measure that weighs service level discretion, it is however in reality, the guest reachs the designated position to a few alleged " " serves and not buy it- -

Desk lamp is put in guest right hand side, do not accord with the habit of most guest;

The Ximengsai of guest room is not too hard, too soft namely too too long, short;

Dining-room clerk does not sign up dish, although signed up for, also have the problem with too big or too small voice, the dish that asks ask to the guest is tasted do not understand;

Towel is changed too diligent or too less during whole have dinner...

"The service reachs the designated position " includes two implications actually:

The job that is server reachs the designated position, serve personnel namely on time, by the qualitative, service that finished hotel provision by the quantity normative movement;

2 it is to be what the client serves to reach the designated position, served personnel to finish what the guest puts forward well and truly to serve the personalized service besides the standard more than namely.

Normally the circumstance falls, the hotel is former do weller, latter is deficient in somewhat however, make the guest produced the feeling that does not reach the designated position to integral service.

The cause that creates these situations actually very simple, did not comprehend " to reach the designated position namely the true meaning of " .

How can you just make the service reachs the designated position truly? Make appropriate service standard hotel be reached in official start business enter before running course normally, should consult oneself of occupation standard, union is actual, the service that plans to adopt the program reachs a level, use literal form to be stated clearly, consult as what employee is operated actually and groom according to.

1, detect the effectiveness that serves a standard. Letting employee undertake " of " conversion thinking is to offer reach the designated position the premise of the service, before serving for the guest namely, let employee stand in the client's angle, undertake to serving a product imitate experiences consumption, after undertaking correct and be perfectinged according to experiencing pair of products, refer a guest again formally to use. If try the easy of the bed in guest room measurable, detect the position of the desk lamp on desk. If connect employee to feel uncomfortable, the guest is affirmative also won't comfortable. One does not get the service of guest agree, although be done so that how reach the designated position, the effect also is not apparent.

2, the product that lets employee understand a sale. Although a lot of employee carry course for the guest everyday, for instance " braise in soy sauce discharges wing " greatly, but had not sampled certainly however, how does he go to accurate introducing does the taste characteristic that dish tastes undertake promoting? Although the hotel is impossible that the thing lets every employee sample first,this dish, but should through forcing as far as possible true means grooms the imagination of employee. The bubble that introduces fim by chef for instance bilges, of soup juice allocate and boil make, mouthfeel characteristic and battalion nurturance classify. The hotel still can invite product of guest try out. Do not consider as industry usual practice, country the standard, all hotels are such, the guest suits with respect to affirmative meeting, also do not want a public house certain leader or the individual volition with authoritative technology, force at the guest.
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