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Caress the indoor plant that observe a part of a historical period
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Caress the indoor plant that observe a part of a historical period

Of bedroom afforest in using the life that popularizes people. How can just make oneself bedroom has the greenery of numerous Xie Mao of a branch however, make the bedroom has life more. Appear on conserve management especially important.

Midsummer will come, since observes foliaceous floral growth period, also be the important period of time that the plant that observe a part of a historical period runs at the same time.

Divide a part to make below brief elaborate:

1, go up basin:

Common saying says: How old abdomen is worn how old the shoe of the code. The argument of the basin on the plant is same, choose with flowers size

The flowerpot that gets used to norms can.

Point: Basin bottom fills base of a few bigger or thick stone, sanded, cindery store. Choose relatively loose dirt to do help advance somebody's career mud. The first time after growing waters must irrigate fully (decide root water) namely.

2, fertilization:

Grow implantation thing newly 20 day hind or principle of fertilization of former basin floral: Thin fertilizer is applied frequently.

Note: The plant that observe a part of a historical period is not very tall to the requirement of fertilizer, give priority to with potassium, nitrogen commonly, phosphor is complementary.

3, water:

High temperature of Chongqing area summer, but relative humidity is very low. Answer to have water of gush of face of blade early, late to the plant everyday. Basin earth waters should become white with basin earth surface water again.

4, plant diseases and insect pests prevents and cure:

Differentiation learns two kinds to prevent and cure with physics.

Chemistry prevents and cure: Chemical pesticide sprays.

Physics prevents and cure: Take a way artificially.

Common disease: Disease of powdery mildew, bate, rust. With methylic the ferry that hold cloth in the palm or much bacterium spirit, Bordeaux mixture 800 times fluid can.

Pest kind: Aphid, thrips. Happy with 40% oxidation fruit or 80% DDVP 500- - 1500 times fluid can. Jie of Jie bug, pink, red spider. With the 40% 3 chloric alcohol that kill mite 800- - 1000 times fluid can.

Anyhow, the plant uses fertilizer, with dosage all appropriate is small should not be big. Small can fill the 2nd times apply, big appropriate produces fertilizer to kill or medicine is killed.

Be sure to keep in mind: Summertime houseplant is unfavorable insolate below point-blank light.

Want to have your elaborate conserve only, you will get its happy boundless redound.

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