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Guesthouse serves a manual "
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Guesthouse serves a manual "

A lot of commodity have a manual, be like electric equipment of what, but, the traditional service line of business like guesthouse has a written manual to coach how the client accepts a service rarely however, ground of our of course of operator of service line of business thinks the client is known how to consume, need not need to have a manual in that way like commodity, however in fact, the customer does not know a service, cite a simple case, a lot of compatriots are not familiar with Western-style food have a way, and the have dinner that Western-style food hall does not offer a character again is directive, such fact brings about a client to be able to be in a daze to * of one caboodle knife only, cannot experience the culture of Western-style food truly, satisfaction spends nature to sell at a discount greatly.

But, such convention is in Hangzhou silver-colored river guesthouse got * , a few days ago, appeared in the guest room in the old hall of guesthouse and every guest room written " guesthouse serves a manual " , this is not what normally we say " hotel guideline " , tell the hotel common sense of a few the client with service language however, for instance, of key of magnetic card of the period of time of the height that return a house that pointed out a hotel, room make in order to and phone avoid the content such as disturbed setting, these content look is very common, guesthouse is not carried, the client also can not ask about certainly, but, this just is the crucial part of this manual, because the content inside belongs to a hotel to think,the client understands and in fact the customer's not reasonable category, because be put in such blind area, those who caused a shopper is dissatisfactory, for instance, general guest likes at noon around returned a house at 12 o'clock, accordingly, in this moment, the hotel often always is huge crowd of people before the stage, although the hotel is added,sent hand, checkout rate is slower still, the client can feel dissatisfactory, this manual told the height returning a house of customer public house period of time directly, unspoken words in a play left to the understanding of the audience or reader hopes him client makes a choice namely, it is escape fastigium enjoys fast service, still continue " make friends is troubled by fierce " wait slowly.

Expert of sale of American famous service Ze Siman Er (Zeithaml) is in its are classical composing " service sale " (Services Marketing: Integrating Customer Focus Across The Firm) mentions in the 3rd edition: "The service is the activity that typical production and consumption have at the same time, perhaps saying is a performance. Below a lot of circumstances, the employee, client, other personnel in serving an environment even is affected each other, production gives final service product. As a result of the client's participation, they become a service to organize the essential element in producing a course, the satisfaction that they can be controlled actually or increases oneself is spent " , the meaning of this word is, customer satisfaction is spent and can not rely on employee to rise only, him client behavior spends very influential also force to improving satisfaction, can have conclusive effect even.
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