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Raise percent of pass of make the bed
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Raise percent of pass of make the bed

Retire for the night for convenient guest, guest room ministry began the method of make the bed of try out sex last year, by instead of Western-style make the bed new-style make the bed. The sheet that the reason is Western-style make the bed, felt folds mattess to fall entirely, when the guest retires for the night, feel uncomfortable, want to pull the sheet that folds, felt.

And method of new-style make the bed is the sheet that divide a base outside, sheet, felt both sides is lop, do not fold mattess; The rear is inward answer, as perpendicular as mattess. The sheet that the difficulty of method of this kind of make the bed depends on both sides, felt is lop the part wants reciprocity, and sheet covers felt; Bed end is folded answer outside level off, both sides is equal, because the clerk is right operation method inexperience, bed quality is not stable, chose " to raise percent of pass of make the bed then: Regard public relations as the task. The target is percent of pass of make the bed from 70% rise 95% . Through undertaking an analysis to unqualified bed, main problem is in:

1, bed end analyse is rough whole, 2, face sheet, Lasheer is rough whole, 3, sheet, felt is lop partial asymmetry, 4. The sheet is done not have taut, 5, because " bed end is folded answer 30% what rough whole " occupies fraction defective to be,

If solved this problem, percent of pass is OK from 70% rise to 95% .

Can see from chart, the reason basically has 5: 1, know inadequacy to new requirement, the clerk presses operation of method of Western-style make the bed for a long time, not lucid to new requirement understanding; 2, specific aim grooms insufficient, the clerk lacks operation skill to groom, a sheet, felt is done not have when make the bed taut store level; 3, censorship is fulfilled not quite, do not have when bed is unqualified correct in time; 4, break law of medicine made of two or more ingredients skimble-scamble; 5, bed norms is differ.

Be aimed at above each a little bit, my QC group makes a countermeasure: 1, the requirement with the new study of time organization staff that meets with class around, make employee hep and new-style make the bed, undertake demonstrative by the monitor. 2, implement system of check of each other of self check, post. The monitor strengthens an examination, correct in time to unqualified bed. 3, make bed end fold answer program, the organization is carried out after staff study. In the above in executive process every measure fulfils responsibility person, carry out strictly.

Pass the joint efforts of panel member, percent of pass of make the bed gets rising, get better result. Selectived examination on November 30, 2000 100 pieces of beds, every pieces of bed checks a project to be 6, have 570 eligibly, project percent of pass is 95% , achieved book a target. To consolidate measure: 1, layer class the administrative system that censorship brings into team and group; 2, insist to organize employee to undertake drilling of business technical ability, raise vocational level ceaselessly.
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