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Service, the smile rises not simple (below)
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Service, the smile rises not simple (below)

Of short duration does not have brief introduction

4 · attention serves enlightenment big environment, by the service comfortable meet an emergency changes development

The service is not invariable, it should get used to social development and change. The department store before reforming and opening sells " general merchandise " , await " of " general merchandise to one is clear about in those days limit and classify, absolutely explicit, do not include book, secondhand goods, car absolutely... be in however today, all of books, secondhand goods, car took the entrance door of general merchandise bazaar. The department store previously basically is bar type is displayed, what should see, want what to buy to want to ask the uncle in bar, aunt to help aid. Now. The bar of 80% is open-shelf is managed, look casually, choose casually, a lot of moment just return bar to be being withheld accustomed appellation. In those days uncle aunt is emeritus already came home, changed young girls' sweet smile, these new generation clerks are soft soft speech makes you feel to ramble the shop is no longer have a rough time the thing of be deceived.

The department store going previously can be a perky and very overall situation, work housework early on Sunday, change body face clothes, take a grown-ups and children, squeeze on bus, embrace into this close-packed already building. Family according to give this early to have two feet city with respect to the plan that has discussed, buy a pair of shoes to that... 9 thermos flask bravery acquire again in the home.

Go now general merchandise market turns can not be the great event with extraordinary what, playday does not have what thing, give good sister of 9 good friends about, or the children on the belt, 3 group, two accompany, the region is not remote call on one 3 rounds, the road calls a taxi too far, it doesn't matter is specific purpose, meet knowingly the thing asks valence, appropriate buy, improper do not buy. Go tired, in the body idle teahouse of bazaar mug-up taking a place has a break, the child wants to play, take city of children department joy to play game machine. Money can brush calorie of consumption not quite, there still is bank, automatic ATM in bazaar, take money very convenient. This lies fallow with respect to the city that is a model shop.

Come 10 years. General merchandise industry produced tremendous change, because idea of the standard of living of people, consumption, shopping behavior produced tremendous change,these change are. Above all, as individual income increase, shop with what the family gives priority to system unit before, change shops to what give priority to system unit with the individual. Previously, domestic member can't satisfy the need that the individual consumes as a result of economic income of the individual, the income and expenses that must depend on a family will ensure, one by one satisfies the consumptive requirement of everybody. Now, the individual income growth of domestic member makes the individual is consumed more and more hold dominant position, this from in recent years the expression in the data that urban household budget survey reports report comes out is gotten particularly apparent.
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