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Rules of guest room safety
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Property of life of hotel property, guest and person security should be protected heart and soul during 1. should is worth.

The guest that 2. does not know for you opens the door, unless you receive the announcement of antechamber and proof.

3. is in a room when you clean from time to tome when the guest takes a person, the house bugle call of the key card that examines him due and courteously to the guest whether conform to, prevent other to enter a room by accident.

4. forgets like the guest take the key and answer with downstage connection, wait for confirm guest identity announcement is rear downstage can open the door.

5. always calls in guest average per capita needs to register, will doubtful or abnormal condition is reported to superior.

If 6. discovers doubtful stranger wanders in corridor or appear around guest room or be without the guest inside the room, the aerosol of floor calls the police the system is loud have red light or issue dispatch order, outside the room has a large number of smokes or waterlogging gives a room, the discovery inside the room has animal or contraband, guest mood change falls ill or distinctive action, all need to report to superior instantly.

Should notice to have inside the bucket when the rubbish inside 7. dump ash-bin without special article (the) that the guest drops inadvertently likely or the mistake places, do not arrive with the hand inside ash-bin pick up rubbish, stay inside the bucket in case have vitreous fragment or bit kind and injury and hand ministry.

Handle should be pulled to close when 8. closes, cannot pull door edge to close at will, avoid to place a hand.

9. headroom hangs content or ladder is used when cleanness, also cannot stand in bath crock brim when the shade that hang bath.

The person that 10. damp hand did not dry cannot move electric equipment.

Key of 11. lay up in lavender, the key does not leave a body, an office should be joined surely before coming off work, prohibit taking from the hotel, the key breaks off want whole to hand in time.

12. drinkable boiled water must boil, the water inside jug does not pass full, should stay have one little space, this ability but water lukewarm keep longer, do not take too much watering can.

13. understands the position of each floor fire extinguishing system and use, when fire alarm happening, should keep calm.

14. does not use device of put out a fire please when cause of not clear fire, and with inform central exchange and fire control center for a short while, understand place of demonstrative on fire.

When 15. informs all guests leave the scene, responsible belt leaves or the sparking passageway with the closest guidance, be surrounded by fire like the channel that takes downward, answer to go up; When cannot leave inside place room personally, answer to seal an a crack between a door and its frame with wet cloth or towel as far as possible, open window door ask for help, must not take elevator to leave.
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