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3 action accomplish outstanding clerk
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3 action accomplish outstanding clerk

Of short duration does not have brief introduction

Want to accomplish an outstanding clerk, must have the following 3 " force " :

Motivation: Cordial attitude of attending to guests

Cordial attitude of attending to guests is the main motive force that becomes first-class service personnel. Cordial attitude of attending to guests is to point to service personnel can client of sit back and wait of ground of passivity of actively and rather than puts forward to serve a demand; Can be willing to give extra effort and rather than does the work inside good portion merely; Can with " make a client satisfactory " the advantage that considering oneself only for concept job and rather than; The footing that can stand in the client searchs good service chance, let a client one is plant " the home outside the home " experience. Accordingly, want to become an outstanding service personnel, must solve the manner problem of the service above all.

Actual strength: Good service ability

The service is cordial admittedly important, but light relies on have one's bosom filled with cordial it is to cannot become independent of act, still need to have good service capacity, ability acts the part of good service truly. For example, sudden incident is encountered in serving a process, if guest miocardial infarction faints suddenly, if wait for medical personnel arrival, guest life is afraid it is dangerous to can have. Service personnel at this moment if do not have common sense of a bit emergency treatment, even if have glow of have one's bosom filled with also of no help, because be involved among them,arrive " can with cannot " technical problem. Because this does not have corresponding service ability, be very be a hard job to a guest to provide all-around excellent service. Have service capacity only, just had the real actual strength that provides good service.

The service emphasizes here not just force of function of operation of bureau be confined to, still include intellectual competence, ideal sex ability and specifications power. If do not have substantial knowledge to become backup force, service personnel may face judgement insufficient, do not know how to do the corner such as the decision; And lack right idea to guide, service personnel knows to immerse oneself in only do a business, but the may not that do is right thing; Specifications force is the operation ability with the basiccest personnel of a service, direct report serves quality stand or fall.

From brunt: Service right

This is a clerk a bit of the easiest negligence. So-called service right, gift namely forefront basic level serves personnel more own advantageous position that solve a problem, in making its are serving to the guest, below the premise that does not affect hotel interest, satisfy the guest's requirement better, reduce work segment, improve work efficiency.
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