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The duty of old hall assistant manager
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The duty of old hall assistant manager

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Old hall assistant manager is the delegate of hotel general manager, be in charge of those who handle daily visitors complaining external with the opinion, coordinate a hotel evenly the relation of departmental door and guest; Be in charge of defending the normal order of the hotel and safety internally. Have the effect that supervise and cooperates to the job of departmental door. Its duty is as follows:

1.Accept on behalf of general manager reach processing hotel guest to be opposite all branches inside the hotel (include an individual) everything is complained, listen to of all kinds opinion of the guest and proposal

2.The contingency that jointly with concerned branch processing guest produces inside the hotel (casualties, homicide, fire alarm, have things stolen, natural disaster) ;

3.Solve a guest seek advice, provide necessary help and service to the guest (report the loss, call the police, find a person, search content) ;

4.Defend guest safety (check drug taking, go whoring, walk the street, gamble, play dangerous game, excessive drinking, the) such as the dispute between lodger;

5.Maintain hotel interest (claim for compensation, urge receive) ;

6.Gather guest opinion and reach concerned department report in time to general manager;

7.Those who safeguard old hall and the order of around public section and environment is halcyon, neat;

8.Superintend and director guides, the examination is reached in the working circumstance of big staff member observe discipline condition (downstage, financial, security personnel, chamberlain, afforest, meal, project, the department staff) such as motorcade;

9.Help general manager or welcome good VIP and visitor of business affairs floor on behalf of general manager;

10.Evening shift assumes a hotel to be on duty the part of general manager works; If encounter special, although emergency is reported to superior;

11.Introduce to the guest and market each service of the hotel;

12.Discover the hotel manages the problem that interior appears, to the hotel top layer puts forward to solve an opinion;

13.Assist hotel of departmental hold together and VIP guest, frequent visitor, the good relationship of business affairs guest;

14.Responsible superintend and director guides of senior debt Wu urge knock off to make;

15.Fixed seek by inquiry or search is of all kinds and serious guest; Listen to an opinion, had arranged show general manager;

16.The general manager that finish and downstage manager temporarily each job of assign;

17.Share the interior management of downstage ministry.

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