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Understand role of profession of old hall assistant manager
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Understand role of profession of old hall assistant manager

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Guesthouse of the center in Beijing is on duty manager Zhao Zhihai:

Old hall assistant manager is responsible and harmonious restaurant serve to the guest, maintain the service level with due restaurant, represent the important role that restaurant administration and guest contact directly.

The responsibility with old hall main assistant manager: Master all sorts of necessary information, keep complete, the record that can call at any time and working record, the movement of departmental to restaurant door has the knowledge of clear all-around.

Greet on behalf of general manager room send honoured guest and important guest. Before guest of honoured guest, group reachs store, check those who intend the work to fulfil a circumstance.

With restaurant downstage movement maintains close tie, feedback to them at any time the guest's opinion, requirement, check fulfil a circumstance, ensure the guest's requirement gets satisfaction.

On behalf of restaurant administration processing guest is complained, solve difficulty problem of the guest, the problem that serves guest opinion in time quality field is reported to general manager, put forward to improve an opinion.

Attend restaurant all sorts of regular meeting, to strengthening management, improve a service, increase income to wait put forward to improve an opinion.

Appearance of outfit of the discipline that checks departmental door stuff as the delegate of restaurant administration, move, appearance reachs working state. Itinerate examination restaurant is all area, in order to eliminate hidden danger, assure safety. Selective examination the clean and wholesome job of departmental door reachs restaurant the level of care and maintenance of facilities facilities. The guest that to living on behalf of general manager inn falls ill undertakes expressing sympathy and solicitude for, provide special service. Concern a branch to contact with restaurant, to living the deformity guest of inn provides special service. Handle a variety of sudden incident, like fire alarm, belongings losing, pilfer or attaint, guest room key losing, guest escapes account, get hurt or death. The guest room of guest double lock that carries reservation client to go out makes a record. The look up that processing guest tastes in restaurant losing, carry-over and claim matters concerned. Had made daily working daily record seriously, serious to major event record files. The superior that finish makes the other job that do. The working core of old hall assistant manager is for better serve for the guest, think guest place thinks, urgent guest place is urgent, to each guests that trust us adequately never of laches heart and soul service.

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