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How are ability be qualified and " devil " handed in
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How are ability be qualified and " devil " handed in

Of short duration does not have brief introduction

To the quality of old hall assistant manager the requirement is to should have gotten good education, record of formal schooling of above of three-year institution of higher learning, advanced stage post works 3 years above, have richer hotel real work experience. To the policy of country and restaurant the regulation is having sufficient knowledge. Familiar restaurant is departmental the movement of the door. Understand the knowledge such as public relations, psychological, formal, travel, master the computer to use knowledge, can deal with of all kinds sky to send episode, when anything crops up ad cool-headed, cool-headed, random processing. Be good at with all sorts of person contact with, can appropriate has been handled with the relation between guest, departmental door, have stronger writing and oral expressive capacity, master a foreign language adroitly. Conscientious to own job, the principle is stressed when handling an issue, do not miss sudden inspiration again, additional, decorous appearance and good demeanour also are the fundamental condition that holds the position of this one job. If can achieve above these requirements to quality of old hall assistant manager, this still cannot be an outstanding old hall assistant manager. An outstanding old hall assistant manager still should abide by professional morality: Accomplish public pose as a person of high morals decent, be practical and realistic, clean-fingered act according to fair, not have an eye to the main chance, modest and cordial, pay attention to credit, have deep love for a career, confident, courtesy unites, know a fault to change surely. Only such, ability is an outstanding old hall assistant manager.

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